Leap Year Magic


I proposed to my husband on Leap Year Day. That’s when tradition says that girls can ask boys. And Ron said Yes. We didn’t take any action at first. Then seven months later, he proposed to me, and I said Yes. With two Yeses, you can really get something going!

It took us only a week to arrange a ceremony. We asked two friends to be our ministers, a man and a woman, to create balance. We found a perfect setting: our favorite meditation room, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. And we invited a handful of our closest friends.

We used a special prayer, written by Temple Gairdner, a Scotsman who was a missionary in Cairo. He wrote the prayer before marrying his childhood sweetheart, in Israel in 1902.

“That I may come near to her, draw me nearer to Thee than to her. That I may know her, make me to know Thee more than her. That I may love her with the perfect love of a perfectly whole heart, cause me to love Thee more than her, and most of all. That nothing may be between me and her, be Thou between us, every moment. That we may be constantly together, draw us into separate loneliness with Thyself. And when we meet breast to breast, my God, let it be upon Thine own. Amen”

A lot of power was invoked, and we walked around on clouds for days, feeling cushioned by gratitude and protectedness.

Twenty-four years have gone by, and we’re still good together.

Throughout the years, we kept real love as our priority, and we made a commitment to not settle for less. That means, we accept each other’s weaknesses, we don’t blame each other for being wrong, and we collaborate to overcome challenges. We’re supportive best friends, and we back each other’s interests. And we share a joint vision of the future.

Ron likes to tell the story of how we met. I was a single mom for seven years. And I only wanted one more romantic relationship in my life – one built on real love and shared purpose. And I wasn’t going to settle for less. So I went years without a date!

Then along came Ron. We began as great friends. And eventually, he told me that he’d seen my photo on the back cover of a book I’d coauthored, and he’d “known inside” that I was the one he would marry. And he’d traveled 4,000 miles to find me!

What do I make of it? I believe in the probability of magic – that we all have the power to draw to ourselves whatever and whomever we need to fulfill our purposes and to share real love.

And I also believe in love on the 29th! So let the Leap Year magic begin!

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