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Available early 2017:


Live On Purpose!  By Grace de Rond and Ron de Rond
As a guidebook for partnering, parenting and living well, Live On Purpose! wraps cutting-edge insights and step-by-step advice in humorous and heartfelt stories that empower as they entertain. Coming soon.


Grace Notes: A Manual for Partnering  By Grace de Rond and Ron de Rond
Grace Notes: A Manual for Partnering uses an easy to grasp page-a-day format and includes everything from shaping the life we want, to communicating effectively, to living prosperously, to finding great love.


The Wisdom of Solomon  By Paul Solomon, Compiled and Edited by Grace de Rond
Paul Solomon (1939-1994) was a scholar of comparative religion, the Qabalah and ancient mystery traditions. As a student of Paul’s teachings, I collected and edited his work on spirituality and mysticism, prayer and meditation, and the mind-body-spirit connection into this book, The Wisdom of Solomon.  It’s available, in paperback and for Kindle, on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

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