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Live On Purpose! is a collection of my most impactful posts from this blog, plus the articles I’ve posted on sites including Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and HuffPost. I share cutting-edge insights and personal stories – all geared toward partnering, parenting and living effectively. The list of reasons to not feel good about ourselves and our lives is endless – and the decision to not go there is life-changing. And this book is all about why and how to make that decision.



The Wisdom of Solomon is a collection, which I compiled and edited, of the works of Paul Solomon (1939-1994). He was a scholar of religion and sacred scriptures, plus the Qabalah, arcane wisdom and ancient mystery traditions. The book includes New Age thought, religion and spirituality, prayer and meditation, channeling, reincarnation, dreams, soul mates, spirit guides, healing, the mind-body-spirit connection, plus reaching human potential. Paul’s vast knowledge base, combined with his gift for uncomplicating issues and providing practical steps toward transformation, make The Wisdom of Solomon unique.



Grace Notes: A Manual for Partnering is a guidebook for shaping the lives we want, including communicating effectively, living prosperously and finding great love. It follows a page-a-day format, including a question and answer, an anecdote, a Start Here, and a Do This Today. The fundamental message is that, by using our feelings as guidance and choosing our thoughts on purpose, we can effectively shape our lives. And the first step is to think differently today, because we must change something for anything to change.



The Fellowship Primer is a collection, which I compiled, of channeled work-readings done by Paul Solomon for an interfaith church and metaphysical research center, called the Fellowship of the Inner Light. Because the spiritual principles included in the book are universally applicable, the Primer can be a meaningful and useful guidebook to any metaphysically focused group or organization seeking to create positive change in the world today – and also, any individual interested in personal growth through a study of ancient wisdom made practical to today’s issues.


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