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Thoughts Worth Thinking on Life, Career, Lovers and Children, by Grace de Rond and Ron de Rond, is commonsense wisdom for achieving success from the inside out, by consciously using our inner worlds to shape our outer worlds. “We can’t stop what we don’t know we’re doing, but we can change anything that we’re willing to name.”

Thoughts Worth Thinking inspires effective living through focused thought. Constructive change is possible under any circumstances. And we have exclusive power to make it happen, because as we change, everyone and everything naturally changes along with us. “The attitude-shift that’s necessary to think a constructive thought and take a positive action has the capacity to transform our relationships and circumstances.”

Thoughts Worth Thinking is a manual for finding great love. “People can only be for us whatever we believe they are. And we bring out their best by believing in their best, knowing that they’ll become for us whatever we decide to see.”

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Live Well, by Grace de Rond and Ron de Rond, is a guidebook for living, partnering and parenting effectively. It’s a collection of commonsense advice, built around real-life, personal anecdotes that are relatable, funny and endearing. So each chapter is a gem of wisdom that entertains as it empowers. We believe everything we tell ourselves. And daily life is our best source of feedback, because our experience is continually revealing what we believe about life and what we expect from it.”

The list of reasons to not feel good about ourselves and our lives is endless, and the decision to not go there is life-changing. Every moment is a startover, which includes our power to shape our future by choosing a perspective that aligns with positive outcomes and our innate well-being.”

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The Wisdom of Solomon, by Paul Solomon and compiled by Grace de Rond, is a collection of the works of my teacher, Paul Solomon (1939-1994). Paul was a scholar of sacred scriptures, the Qabalah, arcane wisdom and ancient mystery traditions.

“If you are tired of living in a world where pain, starvation and war are considered normal and expected, there is an alternative. If you are willing to take responsibility for creating that alternative, it is possible to produce a new world.”

The book covers New Age thought, religion and spirituality, prayer and meditation, channeling, reincarnation, dreams, soulmates, spirit guides, healing, the mind-body-spirit connection, plus reaching human potential. Paul’s vast knowledge base, combined with his gift for uncomplicating issues and providing practical steps toward transformation, make The Wisdom of Solomon unique. It’s available here.


The Fellowship Primer, by Paul Solomon and compiled by Grace de Rond, is a collection of channeled work-readings done by my teacher, Paul Solomon, for a metaphysical research and interfaith center, called the Fellowship of the Inner Light.

“Each of us is enrolled in a Planetary Mystery School. Since our birth, a master teacher has been carefully designing and presenting experiences we need in order to strengthen our ability to master life on earth, and our ability to respond appropriately, with compassion, kindness and wisdom, to every situation that arises. Through this school of life, we are being shaped daily in more harmonious directions.”

The spiritual principles are universally applicable, so The Primer can be a meaningful guidebook to any metaphysically focused group that’s seeking to create positive change in the world today. It’s also a good study guide for anyone interested in personal growth, through a study of ancient wisdom made practical to today’s issues. It’s available here.

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