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33 Tips For Achieving What We Want

We get what we want by focusing on what and why, rather than how and when. That means giving our attention to what we want and how we’ll feel when it comes, rather than the lack of it and how we should struggle to change […]

Kids Know That Love Is Unconditional, Even When We Forget

We never outgrow the basic need we had as children for love, expressed through concentrated attention, affection and unconditional acceptance. And we’re all walking around looking for it, all the time. Conditional acceptance doesn’t exist because love has no gray areas. And to love someone […]

25 Fast Facts About Prosperity

  Prosperity is not how much money we have, or what we’re wearing or driving, or how expensive our zip code is. Money and success are the results of prosperity, but they don’t determine it. What we believe about our deservability, and what we tell […]

Leap Year Magic

I proposed to my husband on Leap Year Day. That’s when tradition says that girls can ask boys. And Ron said Yes. We didn’t take any action at first. Then seven months later, he proposed to me, and I said Yes. With two Yeses, you […]

We Teach People How To Treat Us

One of my friends is regularly triggered by his wife. There’s one thing in particular that she does, which he habitually takes personally and then responds by acting as he’s been offended. She talks over him while he’s talking, especially in conversations with their friends. […]

33 Fast Facts About Love

In every interaction, we’re all asking the same question: “Will you show me what real love is?” Whether we’re creating a special dinner or starting an argument, we’re looking for an opportunity to share love. If we don’t love ourselves first, no one else will […]

Look Right, Don’t Look Wrong

When my son was five, he received a set of Worry Dolls as a present. He decided to keep the tiny decorative box and throw away the dolls so he wouldn’t have worries. Worrying is the most practiced form of meditation in the world – […]

How Not To Be A Victim

I went from a time when we ate oatmeal for dinner because it was all we had, when I kept the school proofs because I couldn’t afford the photos, and when the tooth fairy once left an IOU note… to where I am now: living […]

How Can We Get The Life We Want?

I had a mental image of myself as a single parent where I was standing in the basket of a hot-air balloon while my three sons were on the ground holding thick ropes tied to the basket. Without them, I would float away. And with […]

3 Steps For Getting What We Want From Others

As a single parent raising three boys, I often felt outnumbered, outsmarted and outrun. I had two rules I didn’t bend on though. Don’t go in my purse, and don’t talk to me through the bathroom door. The bathroom was my sanctuary where they couldn’t […]