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Books! Books! Books!

Live On Purpose!  By Grace de Rond and Ron de Rond. As a guidebook for Partnering, Parenting and Living Well, Live On Purpose! wraps cutting-edge insights and step-by-step advice in humorous and heartfelt stories that empower as they entertain. Available now on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.   […]

The Best Gift

My mom provided me a rich spiritual upbringing. She studied with the Rosicrucian Order, was a member of Unity and the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and regularly had psychics over for séances – while at the same time, she made sure that our family went to […]

3 Steps For Making Grandiose Dreams Come True

In my 20s, I took part in an exercise where I had to name my grandiose dream. Four decades later, it’s finally coming true. How did I make it happen? Belief, boldness, focus – and probably some magic! My mom provided me a rich spiritual […]

48 Hours That Will Transform Your Relationship

One of my friends keeps talking about leaving his wife. The two of them are great together when they’re good. But they stink when they’re bad because each of them makes it all about the other. In a recent article on the five stages of […]