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Regeneration, which is book two in this series of seven books based on the work of Paul Solomon, is finished and available. Five more books to go!

Paul Solomon (1939-1994) was a scholar of sacred histories, customs and texts, plus the Qabalah, mysticism and ancient mystery traditions. He was a leader in the field of altered states of consciousness. And he was the founder of a worldwide organization, called The Fellowship of the Inner Light, with a focus on enhanced human potential, a universal superconscious and esoteric wisdom made applicable to everyday life.

Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Living is a seven-book series corresponding to the body’s chakras, the seven levels in consciousness, the levels of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the churches of the Revelation, and the seven days or “seven manifestations of the light of enlightenment” that comprised the Creation. The material is presented as an intimate conversation that Paul is having with his students, so it becomes an experience of a mystery school training where the pages speak to the reader beyond the words.

Regeneration focuses on the power of transformation to replace valueless thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, habits and the resulting dis-ease. We came here to become masters of ourselves and the environment around us. And second level regeneration sparks us to die to yesterday’s identity, draw from vital life-force energy, gestate inspired potential and give birth to a new self.

Regeneration is available at Amazon.

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