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I’m an author, blogger and contributor to sites including Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and HuffPost. I write about effective living through focused thought.

I’m American, and my husband/coauthor, Ron, is from Amsterdam. He saw my photo three decades ago and traveled to America to find me. The inspiration for our writing comes from our blended bicultural family, our corporate-coaching and teaching with professionals, couples and families, and our lifelong studies of the mind-body-spirit connection. Our focus is on how we can all achieve success from the inside out, by consciously using our inner worlds to shape our outer worlds.

I was steeped in transcendental philosophies from an early age, reading my first Edgar Cayce book when I was 14. I’ve covered the spiritual gamut from walking on fire with Tony Robbins, and also with his teacher, Tolly Burkan, to living on an Israeli kibbutz, to working at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, to attending events with the Dalai Lama and also Pope John Paul II, to living in a spiritual community and cooking for visiting luminaries like Buckminster Fuller, Peter and Eileen Caddy, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. I discovered my lifelong teacher, Paul Solomon, at age 22, and I continue to share his work through books and articles.

Ron is a medical doctor turned international boardroom trainer. His focus is on leadership, effective management and enhanced team performance, plus the core principles of creating desired reality, managing constructive self-talk, choosing thoughts and emotions effectively, and utilizing deeper understanding and inspiration as drivers for decision-making. He worked originally as a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology, as an instructor in midwifery, and as a motivational speaker and workshop leader in the areas of self-discovery, human potential and the body-mind relationship. Ron’s passionate about helping people combine their intuitive intelligence with trained skills, to resolve challenges and make a positive difference.

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