About Me

I’m American, and my husband’s from Amsterdam. So we straddle the ocean to keep up with family on two continents.

We met in 1991, when I was turning forty and I’d been a single parent of my three sons for seven years. At that point, I only wanted one more romantic relationship in my life – one based on real love and shared purpose. Since I didn’t want to settle for less, I’d gone years without a date. Meanwhile, 4,000 miles away, Ron had seen my photo on a book on parenting I’d coauthored, and he says that he “knew inside” that I was the one he would marry. So he traveled from Amsterdam to America to find me.

What do I make of it? I believe in the probability of magic – that we all have the power to draw to ourselves whatever and whomever we need to fulfill our purposes and to share real love.


Top of the Tor, Glastonbury UK

Growing up, my parents studied with the Rosicrucians, they were members of Unity and the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and they embraced concepts like the law of attraction and alternative healing – at the same time that they attended traditional church three times a week. So I was immersed in religion and metaphysics from the beginning.

As an adult, I’ve focused on the universal spiritual concepts presented by Edgar Cayce, Paul Solomon, Dion Fortune and Abraham-Hicks. And that, more than anything else, has shaped my daily life and my writing.

I’ve worked as a Montessori teacher, as an advocate for special-needs children and adults, and as a Community AIDS Educator. Ron eventually left medicine to be a leadership trainer and a boardroom coach. And like me, he’s studied the mind-body-spirit connection since he was a teen.

live-on-purposeRon, and I write together – he enthusiastically analyzes every word I write, and I couldn’t do it as well without him. Our focus is always on partnering, parenting and living well.

I share our posts here on my blog, and also as a regular Contributor to The Huffington Post and other online publications. We also write books, including our most recent one: Live On Purpose! Plus we offer a training called The Conscious Living Program through our company, Level Insights.

What’s our philosophy in a nutshell? That we’re all individually responsible for the lives we’re living. That we’re doing it all… and that we can do it better by doing it on purpose. By using our feelings as guidance and choosing our thoughts intentionally, we can create the lives we want.

We invite you to take a look at our work and see what it can do for you. You can write to us through the Contact Me form. Plus, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for finding us!