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How Can We Get Our Partners To Care What We Want?

One of my friends believes that her husband should have more photos of her on his social media site, and she feels bad about it. Her mistake is in thinking that those two things are connected – his action and her feeling – because attaching […]

Every Argument Begins With The Second Sentence

Perfect compatibility only happens in fairytales and conflict is normal in relationships. So one of our most valuable tools, as we relate, is the ability to argue effectively, which means resolution without casualties. There are specific steps for handling conflict. Whenever conflict comes up – […]

Why Worrying Doesn’t Work

When my son was five, he received a set of Worry Dolls as a present. He decided to keep the tiny decorative box and throw away the dolls so he wouldn’t have worries. Worrying is the most practiced form of meditation in the world – […]