10 Years In Print! The Wisdom Of Solomon

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Celebrating 10 years since publishing The Wisdom of Solomon! I compiled this book from my spiritual teacher’s work on the practical application of commonsense metaphysics, esoteric wisdom and sacred mysteries. And everything I write today is a result of my lifelong study of his teachings. 

The Wisdom of Solomon (by Paul Solomon, compiled and edited by Grace de Rond) is a collection of the work of Paul Solomon (1939-1994). Paul was a scholar of sacred scriptures, the Qabalah, esoteric wisdom and ancient mystery traditions. And this collection of his teachings covers New Age thought, religion and spirituality, prayer and meditation, channeling, reincarnation, dreams, soulmates, spirit guides, healing, the mind-body-spirit connection, and human potential. Paul’s vast knowledge base, combined with his gift for uncomplicating issues and providing practical steps toward growth and transformation, make his work unique.

You can order The Wisdom of Solomon from any of these Amazon sites: The USA, Canada, The UK, France, Spain, Germany and Japan.

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