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I was volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel when my mom sent me a book about international spiritual teacher, Paul Solomon (1939-1994). This was 1974, and the book’s message set the direction of my life. Within a year, I showed up on the doorstep of Paul’s organization in Virginia Beach, VA. And I’ve been writing from his teachings ever since.

Paul held a Doctorate of Ministry and knew sacred scriptures backwards and forwards, including the Bible and Qabalah, plus the marriage of mysticism and occultism, and also ancient mystery traditions. And he had an unmatched skill for un-complicating esoteric wisdom and making it applicable to everyday life. Over the years, he shared not only stages, but also lifelong friendships in many cases, with old-school luminaries like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sir George Trevelyan, Buddhist Priestess Tamo San, Findhorn’s Peter and Eileen Caddy, Jean Houston, Jerry Jampolski, Marcus Bach, Alan Chadwick and Keith Critchlow. Plus he volunteered in Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying and helped found a human rights organization on behalf of enslaved and trafficked children. In other words, he ticked a lot of boxes for me.

I personally have more than 3,000 pages and 250 recordings of Paul’s teachings. And in spring 2020, I began compiling the collection into a seven-book series called, Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Living.

I’ve just finished Book One Mastery. If you’re interested in these topics, please check it out.

You can find Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Living: Book One Mastery on these Amazon sites: The USA, Canada, The UKFrance, Spain, Germany and Japan.

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