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5 Steps For Fighting Fair

Conflict is normal in relationships, and perfect compatibility only happens in fairytales. But knowing how to fight fair can lead us to a happy ending. The first requirement is a supportive environment. So we need to make two agreements right up front. First, that a […]

Every Argument Begins With The Second Sentence

One of our most valuable tools in relating with others is the ability to argue effectively. And even before red-hot issues reach the level of an argument, there are steps we can take for handling conflict, including three necessary elements for reaching resolution. The first […]

What Do A Priest, An Imam And A Butcher Have In Common?

My husband and I live less than a mile from a mosque and several Arab-owned shops in the Netherlands, including our butcher who is originally from Morocco. His store is similar to a community center, bustling with friendly internationalism, with chants playing as background music for the […]