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Kids Know That Love Is Unconditional, Even When We Forget

We never outgrow the basic need we had as children for love, expressed through concentrated attention, affection and unconditional acceptance. And we’re all walking around looking for it, all the time. Conditional acceptance doesn’t exist because love has no gray areas. And to love someone […]

5 Steps For Disciplining So That Our Kids Feel Good At The End

What does a perfect child look like? Well-behaved, well-mannered, honest and thoughtful? Never dirty, unkind or angry? A perfect child is happy, rude, mischievous, helpful, stubborn, curious, rebellious, funny, lazy and adorable – because perfect children are trying out everything. And they’re learning and growing […]

How Can We Get The Life We Want?

I had a mental image of myself as a single parent where I was standing in the basket of a hot-air balloon while my three sons were on the ground holding thick ropes tied to the basket. Without them, I would float away. And with […]