10 Keys For Living Prosperously

Living Well
  1. What we have, wear or drive doesn’t make us rich.
  2. What we believe about our deservability, including what we tell ourselves about what we already have, has a bigger impact on our prosperity than how much we have.
  3. If we perceive ourselves as rich or poor, we’re right.
  4. Our experience of life tells us whether we’re focusing effectively to create what we want.
  5. People who are habitually unhappy will have difficulty experiencing prosperity, even when they have wealth. And people who are habitually happy will feel prosperous under any conditions. They may become sad when life is tough, but soon they’ll say, “Why should I be in a miserable situation and be unhappy, too?”
  6. Trying hard from a position of lack or need is counter-productive, because our efforts amplify and reinforce the patterns we’ve set in motion. Taking action from an inspired inner knowing of right time, right place and right people supports our success.
  7. When, instead of struggling to get what we want, we want and appreciate what we already have, life works in our best interest.
  8. Security means knowing that, in a situation where all is lost, “I’ll be all right,” because we understand the value of who we are and how we can contribute.
  9. If we trust that, “I’m where I feel I ought to be, and I’m giving my time, effort and commitment to accomplishing something that ought to be done,” we’re actively creating security.
  10. It’s not naive to believe that our prosperity is guaranteed when we’re busy doing what’s meaningful and what we love to do.

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