33 Tips For Achieving What We Want

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  1. We get what we want by focusing on what and why, rather than how and when.
  1. That means giving our attention to what we want and how we’ll feel when it comes, rather than the lack of it and how we should struggle to change the situation.
  1. Thinking about what we want instead of what we don’t want will get us where we want to go instead of somewhere else.
  1. Albert Einstein said, “The world that we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
  1. If our minds are undisciplined – and they tell us what to do instead of us telling them what to do – it will be difficult to manifest what we want.
  1. Our present thought automatically attracts our next thought, which will be similar in nature – unless we choose what to think on purpose.
  1. We’re like magnets, drawing more of whatever we think about most.
  1. Our belief in our deservability is the measuring stick of our ability to reach our goals.
  1. What we believe and tell ourselves about who we are and what we have will either enhance or block our ability to achieve what we want.
  1. Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right.”
  1. If we see ourselves as rich or poor – or at ease or struggling – we’re right.
  1. And there will always be evidence to prove it because our experience is the result of whatever we believe.
  1. We may not be getting what we want, but we’re getting what we believe.
  1. Nothing is more important than our attitude, because we can’t manifest anything that we believe we don’t deserve.
  1. Before we can receive what we want, our beliefs must be a match.
  1. Jack Canfield said, “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.”
  1. We may believe that our circumstances need to change for us to feel good, but conditions can’t change until we feel good first.
  1. Blaming anyone or anything for what’s happening in our lives will block us.
  1. If we stop focusing on reasons for feeling bad, those reasons will stop showing up.
  1. We can change our friends, home, career or partner, believing that it will make us feel better. But until we stop crediting someone or something outside ourselves with how we feel, we won’t feel satisfied with our friends, home, career or partner.
  1. Every person and situation we encounter was first an expectation. When we say, “He is…” or “She is…” or “I am…,” our next words indicate our choice of what will be true for us.
  1. Our power to make what we say true is in our beliefs and our expectation. And then people and conditions, including us, can’t be otherwise for us.
  1. We’re relating with a prosperous vibe when we drop resistance and let people be as they are without making them wrong.
  1. Worrying – visualizing life at its worst by imagining unwanted scenarios until negative thoughts become our go-to perception and expectation – produces more to worry about.
  1. If we’re feeling fearful and worried, we’re planning our future. If we’re feeling contented and grateful, we’re planning our future.
  1. We get what we want by being in the vibe of what we want.
  1. Being in the vibe of what we want includes an inner-knowing of right time, right place, right people and right track toward the future, which produces a deep satisfaction that everything is working out well.
  1. We create best when we trust that Life is designed to support us and then we live accordingly.
  1. Manifesting what we desire requires feelings of expectation and anticipation, without cancelling them with feelings of unworthiness or doubt.
  1. Being at ease with who we are and what we have and where we are in life, while simultaneously expecting life to get better and better, is the key to creating the life we want.
  1. When we make a cohesive team of our thoughts, feelings, attitude and expectations, and we focus them all purposefully on what we want most, our desired future must manifest.
  1. Creating our desired life requires getting clear about what we want, monitoring our intuition and our inner guidance, choosing our thoughts on purpose, maintaining faith in the possibility and our deservability, staying expectant, and taking joy-filled rather than fear-based actions.
  1. When we enjoy life, when we love well and are loved, when we appreciate our experience no matter what, we’re unstoppable!

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