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Life’s Three Acts

During my years as a single parent, there were times when we ate oatmeal for dinner because it was what we had, and times when I kept the school proofs because I couldn’t afford to buy the actual photos, and one time when the tooth […]

Finding Love Is An Inside Job

Soon after my husband and I met, when we were just becoming acquainted as friends, I felt nauseas one day. Ron’s a doctor, and he wanted to help. So he offered to stick his finger down my throat to make me throw up. “Wow!” I thought. […]

How To Stay Calm When Everyone’s Losing It

On a visit to Taormina on Sicily, our hotel was situated so that we could stand on our balcony and see Mount Etna in the distance. I told my husband, Ron, how great it was that the locals had strung colored lights down the mountainside. […]

How To Be A Hero

Joseph Campbell gave us a valuable description of the metaphorical hero’s journey. He said that we’ll first hear a calling, and we’ll always have a choice whether to surrender to it. There will be a threshold to cross, which will require unconditional commitment and separation from what’s familiar. There […]

10 Things Good Communicators Do Well

1. They maintain their integrity. Effective communicators know what their true intention is. And they hold that focus, instead of doing something else. My husband, Ron, was an altar boy in the Catholic church from age seven to seventeen. Toward the end, he felt disheartened, […]

15 Keys For Achieving Our Goals

We get what we want by focusing on what and why, rather than how and when. Albert Einstein said, “The world that we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Getting what we want requires feelings […]

10 Keys For Managing Beliefs

Life will be as wonderful or as terrible as we believe it is. Our daily lives are the result of what we tell ourselves. Our attitudes develop out of the thoughts we choose. Beliefs are just thoughts we repeat until they seem true. If we […]

What Other People Think Of Us Is Their Business

One evening, Ron and I were having dinner with friends in Amsterdam. And we were sharing extraordinary experiences from our years at university. I described the time that my dorm-mates and I borrowed a car, cut classes and drove 500 miles through the night to […]

Choosing Love Over Fear

Each year on May 4, everyone in the Netherlands stops for two minutes of silence at 8pm, to remember the people who died during WWII. It’s dramatic and moving to witness. The Nazis defeated the Netherlands in 1940 and soon began abducting Dutch citizens for forced […]