15 Keys For Loving And Being Loved

  1. In every interaction, whether we’re creating a special dinner or starting an argument, we’re searching for an opportunity to share love.
  2. Whether we love ourselves affects everything else in life, including our relationships, career, finances and health.
  3. Loving ourselves means not holding someone else responsible for doing it.
  4. Life provides us feedback concerning our beliefs about love, and the state of our relationships is the evidence.
  5. True love is expressed through kindness and caring, acceptance and understanding, plus service and challenge.
  6. Being kind to people opens their heart, while caring about people opens our hearts.
  7. Love means accepting people exactly as they are and making an effort to understand them, which includes being vulnerable to them.
  8. Love doesn’t require others to do or be something to win our acceptance and approval.
  9. Love says: “I’m willing to do anything to help you change if you want to change. And I’m willing to do anything to prevent you from being forced to change if you don’t want to change, because I accept you as you are.”
  10. We attract people who match what we’re currently being, so we need to be the type of person that we want to love.
  11. We need to be in the vibe of what we want to have, even though it isn’t present yet.
  12. When we focus on being receptive rather than struggling to be accepted and understood, we’re able to know our partner’s thoughts and feelings.
  13. Love means that it’s nearly impossible for our partners to have a need we’re not aware of, because we care about their needs as much as we care about ours.
  14. Love knows that whatever is good for either of us is good for both of us.
  15. In the area of relationships, two halves don’t make a whole. Two wholes make a whole partnership.

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