10 Keys For Managing Beliefs

Living Well
  1. Life will be as wonderful or as terrible as we believe it is.
  2. Our daily lives are the result of what we tell ourselves.
  3. Our attitudes develop out of the thoughts we choose.
  4. Beliefs are just thoughts we repeat until they seem true.
  5. If we believe we tend to be sick, or we’re effective at our jobs, or people mistreat us, we’re right.
  6. We may not be getting what we want, but we’re getting whatever we believe.
  7. People and circumstances can’t affect us emotionally until we’ve chosen what to believe about them.
  8. Our beliefs are constantly motivated by love or fear. And love is causing us to thrive, while fear is beating us up.
  9. Changing our beliefs is as simple as changing our most dominant thoughts.
  10. Without changing our beliefs, nothing will change.

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