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Who’s Training Our Expectations?

People comprise endless possibilities. And whatever we see in them is a reflection of what’s active in us concerning them. So it helps to understand where we’re coming from, in our behavior toward others. Are we reacting from autopilot, based on expectations that people have […]

How Can We Help The People We Love?

The immediacy and relevancy of the vast amount of information coming at us now has made desk chair activists out of many of us. We feel a need to do something. So we often protest things by detailing what’s wrong, and what’s not working, and […]

There’s Power In Our Perceptions

As a single parent of three sons, the license plate on my car read BOYSNI, because most of my statements seemed to begin with, “The boys ’n I….” But after seven years, my girlfriend said to me, “Grace, if you don’t lose that license plate, […]

My Main Takeaway From Visiting Patmos

On a trip to Greece a few years ago, Ron and I island-hopped, which meant arriving without a reservation for a place to stay, with just a small backpack and one other set of clothes. And using ferries to travel between the islands, where entrepreneur-ish […]

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die!

When my stepdaughter was ten, she walked into a local restaurant and asked the Greek owner if he would sell her an over-sized wooden rosary that he’d brought from his homeland and hung behind the sales register. She knew I’d seen it and liked it, […]

How To Make Things Happen

Accomplishing our goals requires that we become the essence of our objective. When we set an intention, we’re able to move successfully from point A to point B by concretely defining our destination and then reshaping ourselves into it. It could be better health, more […]

3 Steps To A Better Future

Struggling against what we don’t want gives it more power as we feed it with our attention. So we end up getting more of it, instead of less. But when we stop resisting – and we choose to deliberately give more time, energy and concentration […]

10 Things Good Communicators Do Well

1. They maintain their integrity. Effective communicators know what their true intention is. And hold that focus, instead of doing something else. Ron was an altar boy in the Catholic church from age seven to seventeen. Toward the end, he felt disheartened, because he believed […]

What Inspires Our Emotions?

One of my friends lost out on a promotion at work and felt betrayed by his company. And from that point on, he made sure to include a hint of his feeling of betrayal in every internal company message. He didn’t want anyone to not […]

Why Guilt Doesn’t Work

The summer that I was nine, I begged my parents to let me attend our church’s residential camp. The requirement for a discounted rate was to read The New Testament by a certain date, so I committed to do it. I procrastinated for weeks and […]

9 Things Our Children Need To Know

1. They are innately loved, lovable and loving.  Our children need to feel that they matter to us, that they’re needed, that they’re useful and that they contribute to the quality of our lives. They need to know that they have a purpose, and their […]

Marathon Communicating With Our Children

Many cultures use rituals during adolescence and the teen years to mark the time when children transition to becoming responsible for themselves. When my son turned thirteen, I asked two-dozen of our friends who had known him throughout his life to write their memories and encouraging […]