Prosperity Is Not How Expensive Our Zip Code Is

Living Well

What we believe about our deservability, and what we tell ourselves about what we have, has a bigger effect on our prosperity than how much we have.

Prosperity is not a matter of how much money we have or how many possessions we own. Many people have plenty of money and possessions, yet they’re not experiencing a prosperous life. Money and success can be the results of prosperity, but they don’t determine the presence of it.

Imagine walking around feeling good about everyone and everything. That’s what it takes to be prosperous. Not just in finances, but also in love, relationships, health, professional success, wisdom and happiness.

We can accept and appreciate life as it is, without wishing that it would be different. And in that case, life is what we’ll get – liveliness, expansion and abundance.

Or we can resist life as it is and live in a world of shoulds, based on our beliefs and judgments. Then we can be angry when people don’t do what we want, or when life isn’t what it should be. And we can say, “Life isn’t fair!” And in that case, our resistance will block our prosperity.

What is prosperity, if it’s not what’s in our bank account?

We’re living prosperously when we trust that life is working for us, not against us; when we let go beliefs about not being capable or worthy; and when we drop resistance in our relationships by accepting people exactly as they are.

Prosperity is about understanding true value, reaching worthwhile goals and accomplishing our chosen purpose, instead of worrying about whether we have enough.

It includes consciously choosing to express love instead of fear, appreciation instead of pessimism, cooperation instead of competition, support instead of criticism, and patience instead of anger.

Living prosperously means doing whatever we do so well that we can’t do it more effectively, and feeling good about it. And in that case, we’re telling our resources what to do instead of them telling us what to do. And money’s working for us, instead of the opposite.

When we enjoy life, when we love well and we’re well loved, when we accept and appreciate our experience of life, we’re wealthy, no matter what.

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