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Why Guilt Doesn’t Work

The summer that I was nine, I begged my parents to let me attend our church’s residential camp. The requirement for a discounted rate was to read The New Testament by a certain date, so I committed to do it. I procrastinated for weeks and […]

9 Things Children Will Benefit From Knowing

1. THEY ARE LOVED, LOVABLE AND LOVING More important than getting our children to make good grades, or to be polite, or to follow our instructions, is to cause them to feel and know that their natural state is to be loved, loving and lovable. […]

15 Keys For Achieving Our Goals

We get what we want by focusing on what and why, rather than how and when. Albert Einstein said, “The world that we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Getting what we want requires feelings […]

Why Do We Experience Conflict?

If we’re on our second marriage – and it’s working well, and we’ve grown wiser, and we’re living a rich experience – we’re not likely to look back and wish that we’d made it work with our first partner. But we are likely to look […]

We Teach People How To Treat Us

We’re constantly training people in how to treat us. When we show them that a certain word or look from them will get a consistent reaction from us, we’re training them to use that word or look whenever they want that reaction. And when we’ve […]

10 Keys For Managing Beliefs

Life will be as wonderful or as terrible as we believe it is. Our daily lives are the result of what we tell ourselves. Our attitudes develop out of the thoughts we choose. Beliefs are just thoughts we repeat until they seem true. If we […]

Gifting And Getting Feedback

I was sitting in our yard one day when my seven-year-old son came out of the house and sat beside me. I kept looking at his face, thinking something looked different. Then I realized he’d shaved off his eyebrows. And I was really at a […]

We’re All Up-Lifters

One Valentine’s Day, Ron was scheduled for a management training in our town in the Netherlands. I knew the building where he’d be training. And I even knew the meeting room, on the second floor with big windows overlooking the street. So I biked into […]

What Other People Think Of Us Is Their Business

One evening, Ron and I were having dinner with friends in Amsterdam. And we were sharing extraordinary experiences from our years at university. I described the time that my dorm-mates and I borrowed a car, cut classes and drove 500 miles through the night to […]